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We will deliver a box of mixed organic vegetables (plus fruit and eggs if required) weekly to your home, workplace or collection point. It will contain sufficient potatoes, onions and carrots, and a variety of other vegetables according to what is in season. Everything that you dislike or grow for yourself can be excluded and preferences may be altered whenever you wish. For boxes of £18 and over, we can e-mail you a list of available produce weekly and you can choose what you'd prefer to have. See also This week's boxes. You are welcome to try a box for a week without obligation to continue.

Choosing a Box Size

Boxes currently start at £14. As a guide, try £14-£18 for one or two people, £20-£25 for a family, and £30+ for vegetables and fruit for a larger or vegetarian household. If you usually cook from scratch and need lunchbox fruit, consider spending £30+. We are happy to vary the box size until we find a value to suit you. There is a £2.00 service/delivery charge included in the price of each box.

Delivery and Collection

We pack most of the boxes on Thursdays, and deliver between 9.30 am and 6.00 pm. You can also pick up your box on Thursday from Arkstone Mill or our collection point in Peterchurch. Boxes for Hereford City are delivered on Friday. Please return sound boxes for reuse.

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Hungarian Hot Wax chilli peppers


Rainbow Chard

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A field of broad beans

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Early peas (Douce Provence) in a tunnel

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