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We have been growing vegetables at Arkstone Mill since 1994, and have been Soil Association licencees since 2001. About 2.5 acres are under cultivation, including three polytunnels. We raise all of our own plants in a large greenhouse and grow more than 70 varieties of vegetables over the year.

All of our growing area is rabbit-fenced. Unfortunately we have had some problems with some very athletic rabbits which have jumped the fence and getting rid of them has proved quite difficult.

Almost all of our produce is sold through the vegetable box scheme, with the remainder being sold at Vowchurch Market. Occasionally we have a stall at other one-off events.


Garlic and broad beans in a tunnel

cabbage cutting

Cropping January King cabbages


Seedlings ready to be transplanted


Lines of cornstarch to be planted up

Arkstone Mill Produce, Arkstone Mill, Kingstone, Hereford HR2 9HU
Tel: 01981 251135