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In a change of plan, the outside brassica crops were flailed and left in the field, instead of being collected for composting. We've also decided to weed and clean up last year's spinach and chard bed, instead of cultivating the ground for green manures. These were planted out last August at the edge of the rotation and are looking a bit sorry for themselves but their roots are strong. The regrowth will come in a few weeks, just as the tunnel crops are finally removed. Our concept of "just a stint of digging out the perennial weeds" prior to cultivations is turning out to be a race against dandelions going to seed, and they are winning....

We are now close to the limit for the box scheme, and are unlikely to take on more customers unless a new customer lives close to an existing customer or unless someone drops out.

Covid 19: We have decided to reduce all contact to a minimum in the hope that we remain uninfected and can continue working. If anyone here becomes ill, it is likely to cause a suspension of deliveries. If you are self-isolating, please let us know by email what arrangements you have in place to avoid contact with your driver. We will still need empty boxes back, please, and it is more important than ever to keep them dry and serviceable. May you all avoid the virus, and if not, then make a full recovery.

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Leeks planted through ground cover

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